Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Happy First Haircut...

One of the things that every parent worries about is their baby's first haircut. Read our article on tips to make it happy one :)

Parents can read it here...

Friday, 22 January 2016

Easy DIY Rainbow Dotting For Your Little One

Who doesn't love nail paints? What if you can make a colourful, easy nail art for your daughter (and yourself!) for some fun 'Mommy and Me' time out?

We did a story on BabyChakra.com with detailed steps that you can read here

Happy Painting! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Be Our Lucky Winner...

by participating in our Hair Survey 2016. We want to play the listening post to your hair woes. Give us insights about your little one's hair issues and you just be the lucky winner to win a full year of hair cuts (yes you read that right) at Starfish Kids Salon in Bandra, Mumbai!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and click HERE to fill the survey :)

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

6 Easy Steps For Your Child's Happy Hair!

Come New Year and all of us are busy making resolutions that we plan to follow during the year. While many of us eventually break them and hope for some magic… why not create your own brand of magic for your child’s healthy, shiny locks of hair? We bring you six easy tips to ensure that your child’s mane remains healthy, shiny and strong in 2016! Read on for our top six hair care resolutions to make for your little ones (you can also read it in mycity4kids.com here)

1.       Go Mild. Children need hair washes more frequently than adults do. If your child plays any sports or is engaged in physical activities and workshops after school, chances are he or she will need a hair wash every day or every alternate day. Using strong shampoos can strip their hair of natural oils. We suggest using a mild shampoo that are gentle on the hair for frequent washes as they keep the scalp clean without damaging the hair shaft.

2.       Eat & Drink Right. Monitoring and ensuring that your child eats healthy and drinks enough water will go a long way in sporting a healthy and shiny mane. While fruits and vegetables are always recommended, make sure to include walnuts, flax seeds (you can just roast and grind them to add in any dish), fish and protein rich foods like soya, eggs and diary as part of his or her daily diet as these are ‘wonder foods’ healthy hair. Further, one of the main causes for dry and rough hair is often lack of enough water.  Encourage your little one to have water frequently throughout the day to keep him or her hydrated.

3.       Control Lice. One of the undesirable and scary phases of being parents is when your child picks lice from someone at school or play. Not only it is bad for the scalp and hair but also bothers the child and causes great discomfort due to constant scratching. While you cannot control the event of your child accidentally getting it, you can definitely minimise the spread of infestation. Scan your child’s hair regularly as first signs are often lice –eggs. If your child is already having a lice problem, ensure that you use a preventive shampoo atleast once a week to control the spread. Apart from over the counter brands, there are also other options that may be more expensive, but use much less chemicals and are safer for younger children as well.

4.       Trim Frequently. Set a salon schedule even for your child. Children of all ages need frequent trims to get rid of rough and split-ends. Many younger girls go through a phase where they want to keep their hair long. It is advisable to ensure that the hair remains healthy, especially from the ends that will also aid hair growth.

5.       Oil Regularly. Grandmothers always said ‘oil your hair’ for a reason. Oiling and massaging provides the much needed circulation and nourishment to the scalp, giving a boost to the hair roots. Ideally, oil should be kept not more than 2-3 hours before a hair wash. Further, oiling is most beneficial if done on the scalp and not necessarily on the whole hair shaft as it will attract dust and dirt, making hair rough and brittle leading to breakage.

6.       Break from Braids. Most of the schools make it mandatory for girls with longer hair to put up a braid or a pony for school. Given that the hair remains tugged and tied-up for a few hours during the day, make sure that you loosen the hair after school. Continuous tugging and pulling of hair may lead to long the hair loss.

Follow these to give a little TLC to your little one’s hair and have healthy and happy hair in the coming year!